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Southport Beach, CT © R. Lowenthal, TNC
The promise
of Clean Coastal Waters
in Long Island Sound

Nitrogen pollution threatens our way of life, but we can fix it.

Nitrogen pollution in coastal waters of Long Island Sound is reaching a tipping point. The longer we wait to fix it, the harder and costlier it will be. The Nature Conservancy has developed this website to provide the information, tools and resources coastal communities need to restore and protect clean, healthy waters – now and for future generations.

Milford, CT © R. Lowenthal, TNC
Nature Can't Wait
And Neither Can We

Our Approach

Cladophora Mat, Eastern CT © J. Vaudrey, UCONN

The Problem and Sources

Nitrogen pollution from wastewater and fertilizers is a growing threat in our waters.

Branford, CT © Vaudrey Lab, UCONN

Impacts and Threats

Excess nitrogen in coastal waters puts public health and communities at risk.

Building Inspector and Septic System © iStock Purchased Standard License

Fixing the Problem

We’ve made great progress cleaning up the Sound, but there is more to be done.

Wastewater Technician © Shutterstock, Purchased, Standard License

Comparing Solutions

Scientists and engineers have proven approaches for restoring water quality.

Saugatuck River, Westport, CT © R. Lowenthal, TNC

Planning and Guidance

Identify actions, steps and resources to help safeguard clean and healthy waters.

Waterford, CT © D. Gumbart, TNC

Citizen Actions

Everyone depends on clean water – we can all do our part to restore and protect it.

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